Graffiti Remover

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Graffiti Remover
Product description
Zettex Graffiti Remover removes graffiti thoroughly from most surfaces without damaging them. Besides that, the composition of Zettex Graffiti Remover is extremely effective, without the use of methylene chloride.

Product benefits
  • Methylene Chloride free
  • Ease of Use
  • Rapid penetration.
  • Fast Drying
Aerosol 500 ml.

You can use the Zettex Graffiti Remover on all hard impervious surfaces for the removal of a wide range of graffiti including paint, ink, crayon, felt tip marks etc. Please don't use it on plastics, without first assessing suitability of use on an inconspicuous area and in direct sunlight or hot surfaces, where premature evaporation may occur prior to reaction.

Shake well before use. Spray onto the surface from a distance of 20 to 25cm. Allow a few minutes to wet and penetrate the graffiti, and wipe off. This product may also be rinsed off with water.
Propriété Spécification
Appearance Clear water white liquid
pH Not applicable
Specific Gravity 0.870 +/- 0.010
Active content % m/m/, as supplied 60-80
Non volatiles % m/m <5
Viscosity Free flowing liquid
Flammability, as supplied Extremely flammable, flashpoint below -20
Composition Data, as supplied A solution of 2-Methoxy-1-Methyl ethyl ecetate. Acetone, n-butyl acetate, Methylal, 1,3 Dixolane and fatty alcohol ethoxylate in butane/isobutane/propane propellant
Service Temperature (Continuous) Designed for use at ambient temperature
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