MS 35 Glazing

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MS 35 Glazing
​​Product description
Zettex MS 35 Glazing is a high quality, professional and universal and paintable sealant based on MS Polymer. The MS 35 Glazing cures under influence of humidity and forms a durable elastic rubber. Zettex MS 35 Glazing is developed as a universal glazing sealant according NEN 3576/NPR 3577.

MS Polymers


• Not corrosive to metals
• Does not give a border zone pollution or staining with natural stone.
• Isocyanate, solvent and silicone free. Shrink nil.
• Good UV, weather, water, moisture and fungicide.
• Neutral curing system, almost odorless.
• Excellent processing properties. Rapid hardening.
• Adheres perfectly on virtually all and even moist substrates without using a primer. A test before is recommended. 
• Cartridge 290 ml

• White (other colors are available on request) 
• MS 35 Glazing can be used as a sealant of glass for laminate-, single-, double-, burglary- and self cleaning glass. Also suitable for Polycarbonate.
• Can be used to seal dilatation and facade elements.
• Can be used to seal joints around window and door frames.
• Can be used to seal joints in sanitary areas and wet cells.
• Can be used to seal natural stone and in direct contact with mirrors.
• Can be used as a repair sealant for the support of glazing, sanitary and natural stone joints and other connection and dilatations in the building and industry.

Because edge sealings of insulation glass can be changed by manufacturers without mentioning this, the wearability of the edge seal can not be guaranteed by the supplier of the MS 35 Glazing. Advice regarding the tolerance of MS 35 Glazing with the edge seal of insulating glass is based on experience and can not be guaranteed

Directions for use
Application temperature: +5°C to +40°C. Surfaces have to be clean, dry and bearable. The surface can be degreased with Zettex Profi Cleaner. Zettex MS 35 Glazing adheres perfect on most non porous surfaces without using a primer. Porous surfaces can be treated by using Zettex Primer Z-05. We advise to test the surface before using the product. Smooth finishing can be realised with Zettex Easy Finish.

Zettex MS 35 is excellent paintable with the most common synthetic paints. It is advised to perform a paint tolerance test before using the product. If Zettex MS 35 Glazing is painted, we advise to lightly scrub them together with the adjacent parts.

Not suitable for underwater bonding. Not suitable to apply on PE, PP, neoprene and bituminous substrates. 
Propriété Spécification
100% Modulus(N/mm2) 0,60 MPa
Application temperature +5°C to +40°C
Base MS Polymer
Curing Time ± 2-3 mm/24 hours
Density 1,48 g/ml
Row when broken 300%
Resistance to flow(ISO 7390) < 2 mm
Frost resistant during transport until -15°C
Motion recording 25%
Shore A Hardness(DIN 53505) 27 Shore A
Skin forming time(@23°C/55% RH) 10 min
Temperature resistance -40 to +90℃
Tensile strength(N/mm2) 1,00 MPa
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