Easy Silicon HT 300

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Easy Silicon HT 300
​​Product description
Zettex Easy Silicon HT 300 is an acetoxy RTV Silicone Sealant which cures with atmospheric humidity to a permanently elastic seal with outstanding resistance to high temperatures, mineral oils, diluted acids, UV and weathering.


• Permanent elastic
• Resistance against temperatures of 300 degrees.
• Easy to process 
• Cartridge 310 ml 
​​​Application areas
The Easy Silicon HT 300 is especially suited for applications where high temperature resistance is required e.g. heat converters, boilers, steam piping, radiators, ovens, electrical insulation as well as for formed in place gaskets in the automotive field, e.g. overhead cam valve and timing chain covers, oil pans, water pumps, thermostat housings, transmission pans, etc.

The surface have to be clean, dry, free of dust and other contaminants. Adheres on most non porous materials such as metals, glass, rigid plastics, ceramic, etc. Clean surfaces with Isopropanol or other solvent. 
Propriété Spécification
Density 1.04
Viscosity Non-sag paste
Tack-Free time 10 min
Cure time at 23 ℃, 50 % r.h. 4 mm/24 h
Hardness Shore A 25
Tensile strength 1.8 MPa
Shear strength (alu, 1 mm) 2.0. MPa
Elastic Modulus 100 % 0.52 MPa
Elongation at break 500 %
Recovery from deformation 98 %
Temperature resistance -60 ℃ to 270℃. Temporary until 300 ℃
Dielectric strength 20 kv/mm ASTM D 419
Dielectric constant 3 at 1 Mhz ASTM D 150
Dielectric dissipation factor 3x10-3 at 1 Mhz ASTM D 150
Volume resistivity 2x1015 OHM cm ASTM D 257
Thermal conductivity 315 cal/sec./cm2, ℃/cm
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